Our Work

Ilana Belsky

started cutting diamonds over 20 years ago, taught by her father, who was a master diamond cutter.

Although she forgoes modern tooling where possible (instead using the same traditional copper wire tools used for hundreds of years), when it comes to the cuts, she soon began to move away from traditional cut diamonds….it wasn’t until she threw the rule book out completely that she found her true passion and artistic freedom.

“I love rough diamonds, each piece is like the promise of something magical waiting to be released. Sometimes I have an idea of what the finished diamond will look like but I am always guided by the stone, so each piece is completely unique and keeps the essence of the rough”
-Ilana Belsky

Specialising in unique cut and coloured diamonds, Belsky works with designers all around the country, and it is a privilege to work with the best creative artists in the field of jewellery design.

We only work directly with jewellers. If you are interested in the work of Belsky Diamonds, please see some of the designers under Retailers page, or if you are a jeweller that is interested in working with us, please contact us via our online form or email.